Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

04.12.2008 - 21.12.2008


04.12.2008 - 21.12.2008

Following the idea of young artists' promotion Art Stations Foundation got involved in a really unique exhibition of Poznan-based artist Paweł Wocial. Natural size Rolls Royce with a characteristic Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on the bonnet, made of thousands of cheap made-in-china toys. A clash of two completely different classes of objects, and two opposing kinds of sensitivity.

Rolls Royce as a synonym of luxury, affluence and top quality. The toys – a symbol of cheap trash, worthlessness and widespread availability. In Wocial's work a car aristocrat has been degraded to the lowest class status and the toys became its building material, thus, loosing their former nature. 

The power of the Western expansionism and the enormity of the Eastern mass production permanently combined together in a global symbol. 

The exhibition was curated by Przemysław Jędrowski. 

Pawel Wocial is an author of installations, objects, stage design, films, video installations and actions in public space. A graduate of the Sculpture Department of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts (2003). Between 2002 – 2007 a co-founder and member of the MISIETUPODOBA group, which was involved in a number of public space actions. He has had exhibitions in Germany, Holland, Turkey. Lives and works in Poznań.