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Movement is a natural form of expression for the child. The dynamics of the body invariably precedes and transcends words. Concentration on the physical and corporal combines contemporary dance with the child’s perception. Children have a perfect, nearly sensory understanding of the language of dance. However, in Poland interesting artistic endeavours tapping this potential, i.e. performances of contemporary dance created for children, are scarce. While Polish dance theatre for children is flourishing at present, with performances for the youngest viewers made by such eminent directors as Agnieszka Glińska, Piotr Cieplak and Paweł Łysak, the repertory of Polish choreographers does not include too many performances for children. Worldwide the situation looks different and therefore when launching the program Old Brewery New Dance for Children we decided to invite to Poland the most interesting projects of this kinds from the entire globe. Within a six-month period we will introduce to the public three shows of world-renowned theatre groups from Denmark, Israel and Germany. The performances are representative of diverse styles; their common denominator is their premium artistic quality and the treatment of dance as the dominant form of expression.

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Danish theatre for children is seen as one of the best in the world. Each day of the year at least one play for children from this Scandinavian country is performed in different parts of the globe. To celebrate the launch of the project and Children’s Day, we extended an invitation to Aaben Dans from Roskilde. The group will perform one of their best shows. Me You Us was created for children between 6 months and 4 years of age. This is not only the first show of this theatre in Poland but also the first performance in our country of a dance theatre targeting such small children.

The Train Theater from Jerusalem is predominantly a puppet theatre. Israeli artists are appreciated as masters of the genre. Thanks to the accommodation of different kinds of art, the group takes advantage of elements of contemporary dance, resulting in performances like The Cubes Circus, successfully presented on stage in different parts of the world. It is a show for the entire family, carefully designed down to the last detail, full of charm and hilarious.

The outstanding traditions of dance theatre in Germany relate also to shows for children. Acclaimed German choreographers take great pains to prepare performances for both adult and young audiences. Nowhere else in the world do we find such advanced theatre education. The show Magic Egg introduced within our project takes advantage of modern education principles through free creativity and imagination development. The crazy and dynamic history full of magic develops along two parallel storylines and offers exquisite entertainment for big and small.

The project will moreover include workshops for children and lectures and debates for adults. We wish to invite the youngest audience to participate in the great fun of theatre and demonstrate to adults, dancers included, how we can create good dance theatre for children. We have invited to Poznań groups that specialise in top-notch world-acclaimed performances for children, who at the same time stage plays for adults on equal terms. We want to show that professional attitude and imaginativeness are of paramount importance in both fields.

curator: Alicja Morawska-Rubczak


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