Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Hooman Sharifi / Impure Company Lingering of an earlier event performance

choreography, direction and light 
Hooman Sharifi

made and performed by 
Rikke Baewert, Matthew William Smith, Loan Ha, Peder Horgen and Marianne Kjærsund

artistic collaborator 
Bojana Kunst

Daniel Franco, Bojana Kunst and Hooman Sharifi

artistic coordinator 
Valerie Lanciaux

an impure company production in co-production with Steirischer Herbst Graz, Dansens Hus Oslo, Dance & Theatre Festival Göteborg

impure company is supported by The Norwegian Council For Cultural Affairs, The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

thanks to Marianne van kerkhoven, tanzlabor 21, Mousenturm, Monty, bit-teatergarasjen

The performance of Impure Company is revealing an imaginative country, where quality of time has special importance. This is a country which has not happened yet, but yet it seems that it has always already been there. A country which still has to come, however it has already came long time ago. Because time is in abundance in this country, living together is experienced as a plurality of possible ways how people are coming into being. Since one is always exposed to the plurality of possible actions, people can live together in constant disagreement, but nevertheless they could also allow a problem to exist for such a long time that the best solution will appear. In this country of endless possibilities, the encounters between its inhabitants take place because their radical refusal of any change. The performance explores the embodied relations of this imaginative land with plenty of time and the ways how distribution of bodies refuse change to make life possible. In the performance audience is encouraged to experience different flaws of time; the time of watching and the time of reading. With that possibilites are created for the audience to imagine what would be the country with the plentitude of time, where movement is not depending exclusively on change.