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10.08.2014 - 12.08.2014
Studio Slodownia +3

No recrutation - coaching only for residents of Identity.Move! program

Peter Pleyer Individual workshop IDENTITY.MOVE! coaching

No recrutation - coaching only for residents of I.M! program

Workshop is a a part of Identity.Move! project.
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Identity Move Peter Pleyer

Peter Pleyer after some years as an actor in German theater, studied dance at the “European Dance Development Centre” / Art Academy Arnhem, The Netherlands. He worked as dancer and choreographic assistant with Yoshiko Chuma, New York and Mark Tompkins, Paris. Since studies he is a long time collaborator with Eszter Gal (Budapest); their choreographies and improvisations have been staged internationally. In the year 2000, Peter moved to Berlin, with a big interest in theoretical studies of dance and dance making. He is frequently asked to supervise and coach performance projects in Germany, Sweden and Poland, with a focus on new methods in dance training and composition where improvisation plays an essential role. Here he developed “choreographing books” a lecture/installation, with his view on the development of dance studies in the USA and Europe. He helped to create a dance education for contemporary choreography in Berlin and teaches in different European festivals. From 2007-14 Peter was the artistic director of tanztage berlin festival, and in 2012 and 13 he was part of the programing team of sophiensaele berlin. His own performances he develops and performs at the Ponderosa TanzLand Festival, Stolzenhagen and in Berlin, as a guestperformer he has be seen in the work of Keith Hennessy and Antonija Livingstone.

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