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Ticket price 10PLN per each person are available at Information Points in Old Brewery and online at

TPO BUTTERFLIES performance Old Brewery New Dance for Children

SBNT dla Dzieci

directed by: Francesco Gandi, Davide Venturini

choreography: Anna Balducci, Piero Leccese

multimedia: Elsa Mersi

music: Spartaco Cortesi

IT: Rossano Monti

voice: Charlotte Zerbey

costumes: Loretta Mugnai

props: Valerio Calonego, Livia Cortesi, Gregory Petitqueux

script consultant: Stefania Zampiga

produced by: Valentina Martini, Francesca Nunziati, Chiara Saponari

The show and the worlshop are addressed to children aged 4–7.

farfalle 05

Just like Il Giardino dipinto (Painted Garden), Farfalle (Butterflies) is a one of a kind, interactive, dance and multimedia show by Italy's Compagnia TPO. When the company visited Poznań for the first time, children got to know the story of a beautiful garden. This time they will witness the transformation of a larva into a butterfly. Butterflies' flapping wings are like brushes painting an image in the air, and make children marvel at the extraordinary dance of the colourful creatures. Kids will again be invited to explore an extraordinary space, to enter into a multimedia world that is full of receptors reacting to their movements.

TPO is one of the world's most popular and successful dance companies for children. They have toured the four corners of the earth. Now is another fantastic opportunity for children to meet the excellent dancers and multimedia artists, and to experience the world through dance and interactive activities.

The Butterflies show and the workshop session are two individual events. You need to have a separate ticket for each.



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