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Studio Słodownia +3
Scena Tańca Współczesnego Alpha premiere

Janusz Orlik with dancers

Natalia Draganik (Joanna Gronek), Ewa Dziarnowska, Gaja Karolczak, Katarzyna Klatkiewicz, Martyna Lorenc, Karina Przach

Alpha has many meanings: a test version of a computer program, the leader of the herd, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, in the numeric system it stands for the number 1. Alpha signifies the beginning, often referring to something “first”, “only”, “prior”.

In the performance alpha is an entity confronted with the group which stands as its background. It is the beginning, the leader, the first - strong, weak, aggressive, complicated, ambiguous, undefined, often ununderstandable.

Scena Tańca Współczesnego (The Contemporary Dance Scene) was established at Poznan's Youth Culture Club No.2 eight years ago. Its led by pedagogue and choreographer Natalia Draganik. The group includes local high-school youths and university students. Young dancers work in classical contemporary dance techniques (Graham, Limon) and employ elements of other techniques, such as release, physical and the Polish technique. Through movement they want to talk about contemporary people, different situations which they are facing on a daily basis and their ways of coping with them.

In the 2008/2009 season Natalia Draganik invited another dancer and choreographer to the project - Janusz Orlik. He is the author of choreography for Contemporary Dance Scene's latest spectacle - “Alpha”.